Welcome to Media Max, a proudly South African media independent agency that makes a measurable difference to brand success.

We provide passionate, energized, engaging and innovative media solutions to brand problems. We interrogate the norm & vigorously challenge the status quo delivering solutions be they traditionally or digitally driven.

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We have worked with direct clients, agencies & on consultancy projects.

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Being seen is not enough. This must be done in the optimal environment. Story-telling and native advertising have to be included in target campaigns that address consumers who are time strapped and want to be entertained and who require authentic brand communication.

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"The more you know about a product, the more likely you are to come up with a big idea for selling it."

David Ogilvy

Our Work

Media Max identifies the opportunities & manages the development process building on the truism: A great media idea is amplified by great creative design. ...We acknowledge our creative partners for developing the content that allow our ideas to shine.

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  • Spekko Rice

About Us


Media Max was formed in 1993, by founding member Margaret Ashwin, in response to a need that developed in the advertising and marketing environment for highly trained, skilled and accountable media strategists.

Media Max endeavors to bring the media selection development closer to the agency client service and creative origination. This conjoint relationship has a direct effect on ensuring the deployment of the best possible creative and media solution to meet the advertising and marketing objectives.

Media Max currently handles billings on behalf of a portfolio of Blue Chip clients. Whilst the billing is substantial Media Max prides itself as providing an intimate one-on-one service to each client individually. Through its focus on planning and ability to be able to securely outsource its media buying to a specialist agency, we manage the entire process and service delivery standards are strictly controlled.

Media Max acts as a conduit for the process and interpretation of the client’s marketing needs and the creative agency’s conceptual thinking and marries it with the optimal media “buy”. A critical partner in the media planning process is the media owner and Media Max fosters long term relationships with these entities to deliver innovative and best practice solutions.


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